TMT Bars

TMT : Thermo Mechanically Treated or TMT bars are high-strength reinforcement bars having a hardened outer core and a soft inner core. They are manufactured by passing hot rolled steel billets through water, which hardens the surface and increases its tensile strength while the inner core stays at a comparatively warmer temperature and hence, the core becomes more ductile.

TMT Bars/Rebars significantly increases the tensile strength of the structure. Rebar's surface is often "deformed" with ribs, lugs or indentations to promote a better bond with the concrete and reduce the risk of slippage. Sidharth Trade Corporation deals with heavy section of TMT Bars greater than 25mm diameter which has


  1. Reinforced Concert Construction (RCC) in buildings, bridge and other structure
  2. RCC construction exposed to coastal, arine or underground enviroment
  3. RCC construction in earthquake prone zone
  4. RCC construction in corrosion as well as earthquake prone zone
  5. Underground mine and tunnel roof support, slope stabilisation in hills and soil nailing /anchoring

Zinc Ingots, Zinc Jumbo slabs, PM Plates, Prime Plates, Second Quality Plates, Crane Rail, Rail, Defective Rail, Angle, Channel , TMT Rods Dia (mm) Area (cm2) Nominal Weight(kg/m) Range of weight(kg/m) nominal length(Mtr/MT) appx
1 25 4.91 3.86 3.74 - 3.97 260
2 28 6.16 4.84 4.69 - 5.98 200
3 32 8.04 6.32 6.13 - 6.51 155
4 36 10.18 7.99 7.75 - 8.23 120
5 40 12.57 9.87 9.57- 10.17 100